When you are shipping goods via Sea Freight, you have a choice of shipping container types and sizes. Below is a table for guidance in deciding what you may need for your next consignment:

CodeDescriptionVolume (m3)Net WeightInside Length (m)Inside Width (m)Inside Height (m)Door Opening (m)
20GP20′ General Purpose Container3321 640kg5.92.352.392.28 x 2.34
40GP40′ General Purpose Container6726 500kg122.352.392.28 x 2.34
40HC40′ High Cube Container7626 330kg122.352.692.58 x 2.33
20Reefer20′ Refrigerated Container2820 770kg5.482.252.262.22 x 2.23
40Reefer40′ Refrigerated Container5725 500kg11.482.262.182.13 x 2.26
20Open20′ Open-Top Container32.621 700kg5.882.332.312.28 x 2.33
40Open40′ Open-Top Container66.726 530kg12.012.332.312.28 x 2.33
20Flat20′ Flat Rack21 470kg5.622.202.23
40Flat40′ Flat Rack39 000kg122.432.10
20Plat20′ Platform24 000kg6.052.432.23
40Plat40′ Platform39 200kg12.182.401.95

You can also watch this YouTube video from IncoDocs for more information of container sizes: