Basic Documentation needed for all imports

Bill of Lading – If ActivFreight arrange the shipping, we will arrange for the bill of lading to be cut and a copy will be provided to the shipper and importer.

Commercial Invoice – Issued from by the supplier to the buyer. Needs to be in English, showing the value of the units (any currency is acceptable, currency to be stated).

Packing List – A document listing the merchandise in a particular shipment indicating the kind and quantity in each package. Supplier to issue to the buyer.

Packing Declaration – If the cargo has been packed into a shipping container (LCL/FCL), a packing declaration must be completed by the company that packed the container prior to Export. If untreated timber is used for securing the load fumigation will be required, this can be arranged at origin port or at arrival port. AQIS requires a fumigation certificated to be presented on arrival if fumigation done prior to departure.

It is necessary to have a link between the commercial documents and the Bill of Lading (Container Number / Bill of Lading Number)

Too avoid Fumigation formalities, ActivFreight suggest that the importer request their supplier use plastic pallets when packing the cargo for shipping. Going a step further the supplier should then acknowledge the use of plastic pallets on all documentation (Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice and Packing List).

Documentation depending on type of cargo

New / Unused Declaration – For New goods, a statement is to be provided on company letterhead “(cargo) are new and unused, never field or factory tested”. This declaration is to numerically link to the Cargo that is NEW.

Air Conditioning Degas Certificate – CFC, HCFC and HFC propellants for air conditioning units are prohibited from being bought into Australia. There are 2 options for handling these gases in units. DEGAS prior to Export, a certificate must be provided by the company that handled degassing (again numerical link to the machine). LICENSE, the Department of Environment and Heritage (DEH) issues periodic licenses to importers to cover the units on arrival. ActivFreight can apply for the license on the importers behalf. If the units have not ever been gassed a statement linking to the unit should be supplied stating this.

Permits that may be required on Importation

MVSA Permit – Australian Customs require a MVSA permit to be presented for any vehicle that can be driven on the road and will be road registered. The permit is applied for via Department of Transport, and can only be completed by the importer. This includes Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, ATV’s, Trailer mounted Machines.

AQIS Permit – For USED machinery only. ActivFreight can apply on the importers behalf, valid for a 12 month period