When you are shipping goods via Air Freight, you have a choice of shipping container types and sizes. Air freight containers, also known as Unit Load Devices (ULD) vary considerably in shape and size to fit into the internal dimensions of the aircraft. Air freight units are referred to by a three letter code.

The first letter refers to the container type.

  • A = Containers
  • P = Pallet
  • R = Thermal Certified

The second letter indicates the containers base dimensions

  • A = 2.23 x 3.18
  • L = 1.53 x 3.17
  • K = 1.53 x 1.56

This table outlines the most common container types and their dimensions to give you a guide as to what is available.

CodeDescriptionVolume (m3)Net WeightLength (m)Width (m)Height (m)
AA2/AAPLD9 Full size lower deck container10.64890 kg3.182.241.63
ALNLD8 full width lower deck container6.852280kg3.151.531.63
AKE/AKNLD3 half size lower desk container4.131525kg1.981.531.63
AKG/AKHLD3 lower deck container3.681045kg2.421.531.14
PAP/PAGLD7-96 Lower deck pallet and net10.54520kg3.172.331.62
PKCLD3-45 Wing pallet and net3.681060kg2.421.531.14